• How to Find the Right Yoga Class For You


    There are many types of yoga, some with more emphasis on the physical part of the practice and some with a more spiritual approach, some that will make you sweat and some where you'd spend half a class holding the same posture.

    There is a type of yoga for anyone!

    When choosing a class that's right for you, you have to consider your personal preferences. It's perfectly normal to try out a few yoga methods, until you find the system that you feel the most comfortable with.

    Ashtanga is a very physically challenging practice, that is based on ethical principles.

    Hatha yoga is a classical practice that is a little slower-paced, with more emphasis on held postures. It is well suited for seniors or for people who'd like a more relaxed class, with an emphasis on flexibility.

    The popular Sivananda yoga system is derived from the classical hatha.

    Iyengar yoga stresses precision and uses a lot of props in class. It's excellent for people with injuries.

    Vinyasa yoga class consists of multiple poses, connected by breath. This type of a flowing class is very energizing and physically challenging, so A-type personalities would probably find it the most attractive. The now popular OM and Jivamukti yoga methods feature a hatha-based vinyasa.


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